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It’s PRIME time to Buy!

Prime Real Estate Co. is dedicated to working hard to find your dream home at the best price. Our goal is to work diligently to accommodate your needs and make sure the buying process is a successful and easy one. Our buyer services include:

Finding the Right Property for You. A consultation meeting will be set up to go over the buying process, your “wants” and “needs” in a home, and location. We will provide you with an individual search account and educate you on how to search for optimal results. We will also email you any listings that match your criteria as they hit the market.

Finding the Best Lender. The right lender is just as crucial as finding the right home. Decide which mortgage option is best for you- a 30 year fixed loan, adjustable rate loan, etc. Compare mortgage lenders rates and fees. We recommend comparing at least 3 mortgage lender quotes to save money in the long run. We can assist with finding the right lender that fits your needs and offers competitive rates.

Showing the Homes. We meet with you to show the homes that you like. We schedule a private showing during a convenient time for you and discuss the pros and cons of each home. Although you have seen these homes online, it is always best to see the property in person to get a visual of the condition, location, and other features that may not show online.

Price Negotiations and Offer. We will spend the time to go over market data to help guide you to the best offer. A great contract can also involve seller concessions, so we will make sure you get the right deal. We will provide you with the latest information and go over all the terms and conditions of a contract to ensure you are happy with the deal.

Inspections and Repairs. Once your offer is accepted, an inspection is necessary to check the home for mold, asbestos, lead based paint, pest activity, faulty equipment, etc. We can recommend the right inspector that fits your needs and make sure it is completed on time. The inspection report can confirm issues that you weren’t expecting. We go over the results and prepare paperwork to negotiate and request repairs to be taken care of by the seller or find creative solutions to keep the home buying process moving.

Title Insurance. Going over the Title Binder or Commitment is imperative to ensure that the home does not have any major title issue. Any covenants and restrictions you notice in these documents that may restrict your use of the property in a way that causes you to reconsider your purchase would be important, and you’ll not want to miss them.Closing & Move In. On the day of closing, we will do Closing & Move In. On the day of closing, we will do

Closing & Move In. On the day of closing, we will do Closing & Move In. On the day of closing, we will do final walk through of the home to ensure everything agreed upon is completed. Finally, the closing- remember to turn on utility services the day of and that all closing costs have been taken care of either via electronic wire or a certified check. We go to closing and you sign all the documents and Congratulations you are officially a home owner!